Government makes key appointments in RMB

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A Cabinet Meeting chaired by President Paul Kagame made new appoints in RMB

A Cabinet Meeting chaired by President Paul Kagame, on August 14, made new appointments in Rwanda Mines, Petroleum and Gas Board, filling vacant key positions. 

The cabinet appointed Board of Directors with Adam Jean Paul as the chairperson.

The Dean of School of Mining and Geology, University of Rwanda Dr. Digne Rwabuhungu was appointed Vice-Chairperson while other five board members include Umutoni Augusta Marie Christine, Dusabimana Fulgence, Umubyeyi Nailla, Uwitonze Diane, Mitali Calvin.

One of the main responsibilities of the board is to oversee the functioning of the executive organ of RMB and provide strategic guidance to be followed in fulfilment of its responsibilities.

The cabinet also appointed officials to key senior positions including Narcisse Dushimimana, former legal affairs specialist, who was promoted to Head of Mining Regulation and Inspection Department.

Uwase Alice was appointed head of mining, petroleum and gas exploration department. Prior to her appointment, Alice was gold mining and trading project manager in a private company Ngali mining, a subsidiary of NGALI Holdings.

Other appointments

Mr. Nsengumuremyi Donat, former Director of mining extraction and processing unit was promoted to Mining Extraction and Inspection Division Manager

Mr. John Kanyangira, former director of mining inspection unit was promoted to Mining Traceability Division Manager

Mr. Ngaruye Jean Claude, who was on a position of senior mining engineer was promoted to Mining Exploration Division Manager

Mr. Richard Niyongabo, former director of mining cadaster and licensing unit was promoted to Mining Cadaster and Digital Information manager

Mr. Rwomushana Augustin was appointed Mineral Market and Strategy Division Manager. Before this appointment, Rwomushana was the Director of Urban Economic Development Unit in Kigali city.

Mr. Dan Mutabazi who has been in the management of resources at RMB was also promoted to coordinate different projects of RMB in what is known as Single Project Implementation Unit.

Mr. Ngoga Barnabas was appointed Advisor to the CEO, prior to that the Dundee University graduate was oil and gas law advisor at RMB.

The aforementioned in-house promotions have also left some gaps which the management of RMB says shall be filled immediately.

The appointments come amidst strenuous Covid19 when RMB is trying to get back to normal the corona virus-hit sector as is the case for the rest of the world.

The mining sector in Rwanda is also going through a transition moving from its traditional nature of small-scale exploitation with limited links to the rest of the economy to being a major foreign currency earner.

Since its establishment three years ago, RMB has done a lot towards attaining the national vision for the mining sector.