RMB meets mining operators across the country to discuss ways to scale up operations.

Rwanda Mines, Petroleum and Gas Board (RMB) has embarked on a country wide tour meeting operators in the mining sector in all provinces of Rwanda and City of Kigali.

According to Hon. Francis Gatare, the Chief Executive Officer of RMB the tour aims to achieve three things:  assessing the status of post-covid19 mining operations, scaling them up and the third objective is to understand what constraints exist in the mining sector whether it’s in general or constraints associated with COVID19 pandemic.  

So, together we are trying to figure out what new measures can be put in place to put additional momentum in the sector , increase productivity , increase revenues in the economy and help the mining sector to get weight lifting that is required to kick start the economy in this post COVID19 environment that we are in.” added Gatare.

The latest assessment that RMB did shows that companies had reached an estimation of 80% of operations.

So far RMB has met mining operators in the southern, Northern Province and in Kigali.

According to mining operators working hand in hand with the regulator will make great strides on the productivity of the mining sector.

 “It’s good that RMB spares such time for us because we need your continued support to take this sector to another level. Let’s keep this partnership to proactively contribute to the recovery of post-COVID economy of our country”     Janvier Ndabananiye, Director of operations in New Bugarama Mining Company, Burera district, tells Dr. Ivan Twagirashema, Chief Operating Officer of RMB.  

According to Francis Gatare, there is increased interest in accessing finance and investment money to get in the sector as the COVID19 situation eases around the world. “Then we begin to see capital flowing” he said.

Rwanda is also hosting, in November, Africa Mining Summit which is going to be hosted by RMB focusing on Rwanda but open to participation of the whole African continent and beyond. Gatare says that the summit is another platform that is going to give Rwanda a chance to showcase mining sector and mobilize additional financing both for trade and investment.