CIMERWA embarks on rehabilitation of the Rusizi Hotsprings (Amashyuza)

The sudden drainage of the ‘Mashyuza’ hot springs in August last year shocked the Rusizi community bereft of one of the best touristic attractions in the region.

Rwanda Mines, Petroleum and Gas Board (RMB) sent a team of geo-scientists to work together with environmental experts to probe the disappearance of the Mashyuza.

In their findings the team said that the disappearance was caused by the nature of the springs and blasting activities in the area.

In collaboration with the Rusizi District, CIMERWA embarked on rehabilitation of the hot springs to return to their natural bed.

According to a statement released by CIMERWAThe last few days has seen the re-emergence of the hot springs bringing cautious optimism to the community as the implemented technical interventions are observed in the coming days.”

We are happy to have lent resources to this endeavor and we will keep working hand in hand with the local authorities to help strengthen and maintain this local touristic attraction. We are keenly observing the interventions made to confirm sustainability” said Albert Sigei the CEO of CIMERWA Plc.

We are happy to see progress in the restoration the Mashyuza hot springs. We thank CIMERWA and relevant Government authorities for their support and appreciate the community for their patience while the issue is being addressed.” Said Ephraim Kanyumba, mayor of Rusizi district.