Africa Mining Forum | Opening Remark by CEO Yamina Karitanyi | Digital event, 2-4 November 2021

Dear delegates,

On behalf of Rwanda Mines, Petroleum and Gas Board, I welcome you to the 3rd edition of Africa Mining Forum!

Three years ago, in partnership with SP Intelligent now Vuka Group, we launched this forum to highlight investment opportunities in the mining industry in the region which we later extended to continental level.

The theme for this year is “Environmental Social Governance (ESG) principles: Explored. Uncovered. Refined.”

This forum is an opportunity to look at the balance of economic, environmental and social imperatives in our mining Industry.

Mining should not be seen as a threat to our communities but rather an opportunity to change lives of everyone in the entire value chain.

This Africa Mining Forum will incentivize greater dialogue; encourage further collaboration and engagement as well as partnerships aimed at accelerating industrialization.

This gathering provides a great opportunity for mining companies, investors, assets managers and government stakeholders eager to engage and deploy capital in Africa's sustainable mining, focused on integrating climate adaptation and mitigation initiatives, reduce carbon emissions, enhance transparency, efficiency and effective governance.

As host, Rwanda is eager to contribute to these discussions, both at government and private sectors’ levels. We look forward to exchanging on various topics of interest, including ensuring the mining industry becomes more responsive to climate action, as well as strategies to position the African continent to add value to our minerals, such as significantly increasing Africa’s refinery capacity which would benefit our communities and turn Africa’s endowment of mineral resources into socially responsible revenue growth and wealth, for Africans, and in Africa.

Lastly, I would hope that this forum will ensure Africa benefits from investments to supply increasing demand for renewable energy, which naturally include critical minerals supply.   

This 3rd edition of Africa Mining Forum is going to be a premium platform to discuss how to address the most pressing issues in the mining sector and comply with increasing ESG mandates to create a sustainable future.

With these few remarks, I declare this forum open and wish you all fruitful discussions.

Murakoze cyane!