Stakeholders agree on strengthening partnership for a positive turnaround in the mining sector

L-R:Pascal Dukundimana (mining operator), Amb. Yamina Karitanyi (CEO|RMB), Jean Malic Kalima (Chairman|RMA), Juliet Kabera (DG|REMA)

Different players in the mining sector have agreed on strengthening problem-solving partnership to engineer a positive turnaround in the industry.

This is as the General Assembly of Rwanda Mining Association convened Friday 19 November 2021 at Serena Hotel in Kigali.

The general assembly convened to reflect on the work of the association and the performance of industry.

Also present in the assembly were stakeholders including Rwanda Mines, Petroleum and Gas Board (RMB), Private Sector Federation (PSF) and Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA).

In his opening remark the chairman of the association Mr. Jean Malic Kalima said that the meeting is a good opportunity for mining operators and stakeholders to discuss challenges and matters of mutual concern to crystallize and define desirable industry standpoints.

According to the chair one of the major challenges affecting the sector is lack of access to finance. He noted that this problem creates a chain of other many problems including use of rudimental equipment, environment degradation and so on.   

The CEO of Rwanda Mines, Petroleum and Gas Board Amb. Yamina Karitanyi challenged the miners to improve competitiveness, productivity growth, modernizing the sector and most of all working collaboratively to grow and transform the sector.

You mine but the recovery rate is around 40-50 %. Isn't there a way we can recover that loss? What can we do in the future to provide what is missing to increase productivity? It's an opportunity we should take advantage of” she said in her opening remark.

She added that once the productivity of the sector increases it will attract banks.

If we increase productivity, value addition, banks will also realize there is money in our sector. Money fears, it goes where there is assurance it won’t het lost.” She noted.

Juliette Kabera, the Director General of Rwanda Environment and Management Authority emphasized that while the country targets to generate more revenues in the mining sector, mining operators should never overlook environment protection in their operations.

She called mining operators to follow policies of green mining noting that there are other ways to get funds to improve mining operations including funds to support green mining.

Look, we lose twice! We don’t have clean water anymore and that is the water our people fetch. We take that money we made in mining and we use it to clean back the silted water.”

Dukundimana Pascal, a mining operator in western appreciated the outcome of the assembly noting that there should be such discussions before taking punitive measures by regulators.

He suggested to put in place a taskforce to examine problems arising.

The stakeholders agreed on increasing collaboration and consulting each other in all problems arising to find joint solutions.

Established in 2012 Rwanda Mining association is an employer’s Professional Organization from the mining industry with a vision of transforming the social-economic lives of the Rwandans through responsible mining.