School of Mining and Geology restates commitment to supporting the growth of Rwanda’s mining sector

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School of Mining and Geology has restated its commitment to supporting the growth of the Rwanda’s Mining Sector in line with the country’s NST1 targets.

This assurance was given by the Dean of School of Mining and Geology in University of Rwanda, Prof. Digne Rwabuhungu in his remark during the opening ceremony of mining week on Monday November 30, 2021.

We value the role of knowledge in the transformation of the mining sector in Rwanda. It is critical to invest in the skills needed for the transformation of the sector, this is what the Government of Rwanda did by establishing School of Mining and Geology at University of Rwanda. Our contribution is unreserved.” Prof. Rwabuhungu said.

Under the Theme: “Responsible mining for proper working conditions and environmental protection” the 4th edition of mining week is taking place from November 29th -December 4th, 2021.

Mining week enables us students to reimagine work and create practical career pathways and to think creatively about how the we can support and work with mining operators and communities in the skills revolution more broadly.” Said Imanirafasha Esperance, a student in 4th year mining engineering.

According to Prof. Digne the mining week is an annual event prepared in partnership with Rwanda Mines, Petroleum and Gas Board that helps Students of the University of Rwanda, School of Mining and Geology to contribute to the sustainable development of Rwanda’s mining sector by sharing the skills from the University. It is also an opportunity to connect and engage with key players in the sector.

Briefing students on the current state of the mining sector in Rwanda Deputy CEO of Rwanda Mines, Petroleum and Gas Board said that the mining sector is going through a transition from its traditional nature to modern. “The use of rudimentary tools still existent but we are phasing this out! We need your help in this formalisation process." He added.

“This is a dream coming true! I was impressed by your knowledge during exhibition! Before we had to import mining experts but see today here you are! Keep it up; we shall do our best to support you!” he added.

Mining operators fraternity has reiterated its commitment to working with professionals in the mining sector to increase productivity. "We're putting the focus on exploration because If you don't know the deposits you can't mine. We even do a backup feasibility study to assess if the deposits are economically viable. That is why we need you, professional geologists." Said Leonidas Simpenzwe the vice chairman of the Rwanda Mining Association.

Among the activities planned include lectures by experts in the industry, field visit in Kamonyi district to plant trees in mining concessions, back-filling pits around the concessions, cleaning a silted river, training mining operators on professional practices, and so on.

The School of Mining and Geology was established in 2016 to close skills gap in the mining sector by churning out locally-trained professionals.