Miners encouraged to get the most out of mineral value addition

During the Rwanda Mining Association General Assembly held in Kigali on Friday 19th August 2022, investors in mining and mineral traders were encouraged to leverage the value addition in mineral processing. The event brought together a host of individuals having stakes in the mining sector, civil society and government officials.

While delivering his keynote address, the Deputy CEO of Rwanda Mines, Petroleum and Gas Board, Dr. Ivan Twagirashema lauded the efforts having been made to professionalize the mining industry to position it as one of the supporting pillars of the national economy.  He drew on teeming opportunities that remain untapped the case in point includes mineral value addition, mineral recovery, and mineral exploration. This would enable the mining sector to effectively capitalize on the natural resources found in Rwanda by enhancing the quality and quantity of the production chain. In this regard, miners will be able to reap the highest rewards.

The occasion allowed miners to exchange views on a wide range of issues including mineral recovery, sharing information on mining activities to ensure that people get aware of several types of minerals mined in the country, and matching mining activities with environmental protection measures.

The discussions also focused on ways mining companies should curb malpractices in mining that devastate the environment. Miners were given a wake-up call to make the sector all eco-friendly while drastically mitigating any adverse impacts on the environment. Through continuous technical support and capacity-building interventions by Rwanda Mines, Petroleum and Gas Board, the mining industry is becoming more green and is no longer a threat to environmental degradation.

The mayor of the city of Kigali, in his remarks, commended various substantial impacts that the mining sector has made on the communities. He, therefore, argued that the city of Kigali will assist the association to find a plot for building its iconic landmark that will house the office of the Rwanda Mining Association.

The general assembly elected a committee at the national level comprising the president, two vice presidents and two councilors.