Geo-Scientists Society holds its 1st General Assembly

National Executive Bureau of the Rwanda Geo-Scientists Society

Kigali, Rwanda 28 August 2022 -The Rwanda Geo-Scientists Society (RGS) held its first general assembly at the office of the Rwanda Mines Board. It convened seventy-two careerists in geology, metallurgy, mining and petroleum engineering, and university lecturers with the main aim of establishing the society to catapult efforts to ensure that Rwanda’s mining, oil, and gas potential is fully exploited.

The inception of the society ushers in a new era for geo-scientists to advance scientific discovery to counter rampant challenges still being experienced in the extractive industry in Rwanda. It also aims at promoting professional ethics and conducive conditions for geoscientists to thrive and share best practices. It seeks to provide a forum for geoscientists to exchange their ideas, experience, and information among other things.

The participants are obliged to chip in a preliminary membership fee. Its membership includes individuals with a track record in earth sciences and technology who are Rwandan nationals or from any country across the world.

The first election of RGS’s National Executive Bureau was held on 28 August 2022. It elected the chairperson, deputy chairperson, secretary general, and treasurer, commissioner for youth capacity building and career development, commissioner for employees’ rights, social affairs, and gender equality promotion, and commissioner for economic development and financial capacity development.  It also installed the audit committee and the disciplinary and dispute resolution committee.