Moroccan Technical team joins their Rwandan counterparts to implement agreements

The Chief Executive Officer of Rwanda Mines, Petroleum and Gas Board Hon. Francis Gatare on Monday November 11, 2019 received a Moroccan technical team that came in the country to join their Rwandan counterparts to develop an action plan to implement the MoU signed between Rwanda and Morocco in March 2019 for the cooperation in the field of mining, geology and hydrocarbons.

The delegation represents the ministry of energy, mines and environment and a representative of Moroccan mining operators’ fraternity.

Rwanda and Morocco in March 2019, signed twelve bilateral cooperation agreements meant to promote energy including hydrocarbons, education, trade, environment and judiciary of both countries.

As per the MoU, both parties agreed to exchange information, expertise, experience and know-how as well as development of relationships between operators of the two countries in the field of mining, geology and hydrocarbons.

A technical joint committee was formed to shape the implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding.

The Moroccan delegation arrived in Kigali Sunday November 11, 2019 to meet their counterparts to set up a road map of the implementation of the agreements.

Both sides will present opportunities in the mining, geology and hydrocarbons for another side to identify areas of interest.

“At the end of this discussions we expect to get to know a lot about Morocco in the mining sector, geology and hydro-carbon and Morocco economy in general. We will have also identified how we can build synergy together because that is what is going to drive the collaboration between the two countries.” <.i>Francis Gatare said during his opening remark.

At the end of this technical meeting both sides will have some more concrete action plan that can drive the implementation of the MoU. The CEO added that Rwanda in the near future will have a similar visit to Morocco “to be able to witness the country”.

The Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco, H.E Yousseh Imani who accompanied the delegation in the meeting commended the achievements of Rwanda in different sectors including mining. “Honorable CEO, I wanted to congratulate you for what is happening in the mining sector in Rwanda. This delegation is comprised of professionals who are going to do their best to establish a strong cooperation together with their Rwandan counterparts and I am sure this meeting will lead to a fruitful cooperation” Ambassador Youssef said.

The three-day meeting will lead to an agreed action plan of the implementation of the cooperation in the mining and hydrocarbon sector. The cooperation focuses on collaboration in the areas such as technical experience, skills development and exchange, investment, value addition and beneficiation.

The two countries had signed other 19 agreements in 2016 in a bid to strengthen bilateral ties and create opportunities for citizens of the two nations. The agreements were signed during the three-day state visit by the King of Morocco, Mohammed VI, to Rwanda in 2019.